Cathy Malmrose, our CEO, often speaks at Linux conferences and travels extensively to see how software and hardware are being used in various countries. She is CEO of ZaReason, a small Linux computer company, building laptops, desktops, and servers running free open source software, shipping internationally. Cathy's main focus is on equalizing people's access to technical tools. 

Previously, Cathy has worked as a K-12 teacher, a curriculum developer for a software company, and a technical writer for 30+ manuals. Cathy's current passion is building computer hardware and working to support the development and growth of free and open tools.

Maile Urbancic, our CTO, is a community organizer and freelance digital media professional with a passion for helping children achieve their intellectual potential. She has degrees in mathematics and educational psychology, has taught in computer labs at a Boys and Girls Club and a juvenile detention facility, and has tutored low-income students in math and reading at every level.

Recently, Maile has also been working with the Village Residents Association, a funding and advocacy group for student families. Her video documentary about UC Berkeley's student family housing affordability crisis was instrumental in obtaining a $4 million endowment for low-income student families.

Christian Einfeldt, our Public Outreach Officer, is an advocate of Free Open Source Software and has been using various flavors of GNU-Linux since 2000. As a level one administrator, he troubleshoots basic technical problems that the users are experiencing and teaches them the skills necessary to feel more comfortable with OpenOffice, TuxMath, TuxType, and numerous other applications that run on Linux. Christian has been helping schools use GNU-Linux since 2004.